MANDEL: Victim in St. Michael’s sex attack to sue school, coaches

He was just a young teen and his family believes his prestigious private school should have done more to protect him from being sodomized with a broomstick.

Now, the former St. Michael’s College School student — one of two victims of last year’s infamous sex scandal — and his parents plan to launch a $1.65-million lawsuit against former administrators and football coaches of the elite all-boys’ Catholic school, as well as the three expelled teens involved.

“(The victim) has and continues to suffer severe and permanent and serious physical, emotional and psychological injuries,” according to the proposed statement of claim obtained by the Toronto Sun.

“His injuries are accompanied by shock, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma and insomnia, which continue and will continue in the future.”

According to the lawsuit, “John Doe” was attacked twice last fall in the locker room following football practice: On Sept. 18, 2018, he was talking to a friend when a group began chanting and three students suddenly grabbed him by the arms and legs and began swinging him, according to the draft claim.

They then dropped him to the floor, stripped off his pants and whacked him several times with a broom — all while the assault was recorded on a cellphone, the claim alleges.

From then on, he was taunted, “John Doe loves broom” as the video went viral through the school and beyond.

On Oct. 18, the hazing escalated to a brutal sexual assault.