OLIVER: Justin Trudeau has lost his legitimacy to govern

Justin Trudeau had remarkable staying power in the face of all the policy failures, broken promises and personal misconduct.

However, his tarnished brand has finally lost its lustre, with some polls showing him behind the Conservatives in popular votes and seats. On Monday evening, denuded of credibility, he may be reduced to clinging to office with the help of other parties.

To discourage strategic voting, Jagmeet Singh reiterated the NDP’s refusal to support a Conservative minority government, while Yves-François Blanchet declared that the Bloc Québécois will work with whomever advances Québec’s interests.

Trudeau will desperately grasp any lifeline, including foreign endorsements, since losing power could abruptly end his political career.


Trudeau was the only Prime Minister found guilty of violating ethics rules, which happened twice. He blatantly undermined prosecutorial independence and ousted from caucus two strong women cabinet ministers for telling truth to power.

He shamed Canadians with his cringing costume performance in India and angered many of our most important allies and trading partners with his sanctimonious demands.

He bitterly disappointed progressives when his virtue signalling was followed by broken promises to First Nations, the Kokanee grope, abandoned electoral reform, missed climate targets and blackface photos.

He outraged conservatives with tax hikes on the middle class and small businesses, increased regulation, hostility to resource development and deficits without end.