Former Liberal MP says Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen “must resign”

Former five-term Liberal MP Joe Volpe, who now runs the Corriere Canadese, an Italian language newspaper based out of Toronto, has published multiple editorials denouncing the Liberal cabinet minister.

“Even in the dying days of the 2019 election campaign, Ahmed Hussen’s questionable immigration policies and programs are taking their toll on Canadian residents who placed their trust in his “vision” and his Pilot Programs,” Volpe wrote in an editorial last Thursday.

Volpe slammed Hussen for allegedly misleading undocumented immigrants in the construction sector on a pilot program that would give them a path to legal residency.

“My wish is that we continue to increase levels in our immigration system for refugees. I’m very open to saying that, and I will do whatever I can, in whatever position I am in, to continue to push for higher refugee numbers every single year,” Hussen said. This flies directly in the face of public opinion, where the majority of Canadians want fewer refugees and lower immigration levels.

In July, while thousands of asylum seekers entered Canada through the United States, Hussen called Ontario Social Services Minister Lisa Macleod “not Canadian” for arguing that her province should not solely responsible for covering the costs of housing asylum seekers.