#TrudeaulessTuesday Is Trending On Twitter & It Shows Just How Divided Voters Are

It’s election day in Canada and everyone is getting ready to cast their ballots. Some major political rivalry has been going on nation-wide and we’ve all been unable to turn away from watching our prospective leaders challenge each other with their opposing views. Election day in Canada has also seen lots of opinions circulating the internet about the future of our country, including a “Trudeauless Tuesday” hashtag that is trending on Twitter. 

As people start to go and vote today, Twitter has been loaded with tons of voters sharing their political opinions in their final hours before a new Prime Minister is named.

As #TrudeaulessTuesday trends on Twitter, voters are sharing their reasons why they are not voting for Trudeau this year. Meanwhile, his supporters are firing back at the hashtag, sharing their views on why they think a Trudeauless Tuesday would be a bad move for Canada. 

It is clear to see that Canadians are not seeing eye-to-eye on who deserves to be the Prime Minister of the country. It’s been a close call between the Conservatives and the Liberals, and updates on the election polls have been swinging back and forth between Scheer and Trudeau. 

The CBC poll tracker shows that as of yesterday, October 20 at 11:38 p.m., the Liberals are in the lead, with 32 percent of the vote, while the Conservatives are close behind at 31.6 percent.

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