GOLDSTEIN: Electing Trudeau means more carbon taxes

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau winning the most seats in Monday’s election, Canadians will pay escalating carbon taxes for years to come.

That was always true whether he won a majority government, or a minority one.

Since the NDP, Bloc Quebecois and Greens all support carbon pricing, Trudeau can rely on them to back his carbon pricing regime in a minority Parliament.

Trudeau’s carbon tax on provinces that do not have their own federally-approved carbon pricing plans sets the minimum price on industrial greenhouse gas emissions at $20 per tonne this year, rising by $10 annually to $50 per tonne, in 2022.

The Trudeau government provides rebates which it insists covers all the added costs to the public.

Critics are not only skeptical of this claim, they point out that even carbon taxes that start out as revenue neutral — as British Columbia’s did in 2008 — eventually abandon revenue neutrality and become cash grabs for government.