GUNTER: Conservatives must dump Scheer before next election

One thing that’s certain, a Liberal minority is going to be expensive.

The last time Canada had a Liberal minority propped up by the NDP was under Pierre Trudeau between 1972 and 1974. In order to keep the NDP happy with increased social programs, the Liberals back then ramped up federal spending by 27% in just two budgets, even after adjusting for inflation and population growth.

During this year’s election, the NDP promised to spend about $100 billion more over the next four years than the Liberals did. They pledged pharmacare and day care and cheap housing.

Expect much of that to be delivered by the Liberals in return for NDP support. Getting a Trudeau Liberal to bribe a New Democrat with your money is never hard.

And, of course, the fate of the Trans Mountain pipeline (and Alberta’s economy) is now in the hands of two parties that are drunk on the climate “crisis” Kool-Aid.

The Liberals dominated in that region on Monday because they successfully tied Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to the cuts being made provincially by Conservative Premier Doug Ford.

(Note: Ford hasn’t cut, has spent more – Gunter drinking Liberal Kool-aid, ignorant of Toronto GTA / Ontario politics)