LILLEY: Advice for the Conservatives and their leader

While Andrew Scheer is saying that he will stay on as leader of the Conservative Party, the question is whether his MPs and party faithful will let him. It will take some time to figure out the future of the Conservative leader but there are already rumblings.

Some candidates, such as Richard Martel, have been critical.

“It’s not the best campaign he’s done,” Martel told local media of Scheer’s effort in the national campaign.

(Note: It’s his first)

… That Scheer held Trudeau to a minority, increased the Conservative seat count and won the popular vote speaks well of him and the campaign the party ran.

A big problem for Scheer was giving a straight answer on a number of fronts. On abortion, he should have said right from the start that like Justin Trudeau he was opposed to abortion but would not change the law. Instead, he gave the impression on this issue and others that he was uncomfortable answering and therefore hiding something.

The media are not friends with the Conservatives. I know most newspapers, including this one, endorsed the Conservatives but that is the owner’s point of view. Nearly 20 years of working in this business right across the country have shown me that most reporters, the ones doing the daily stories, are instinctually Liberal. It’s how they think, it is how they view the world, it is why they will always be tougher on Conservative proposals than Liberal ones.

Issues that media folks will automatically call controversial are often not controversial with the public. The media and the voting public are not the same, woo voters, not the media.