FATAH: Only the Bloc won – the rest of Canada lost

Canada has emerged from the 2019 elections bitterly divided into regional strongholds of political parties that has pitted resource rich Prairie provinces against the virtue-signalling regions to its east and west and a resurgent Quebec that has its own vision of a nation.

To understand this country-wide divide, it is worth looking at the vote clusters and the parties anchored in these regions that could pull us apart if our politicians don’t stop relying on idiot boxes and canned smiles for the cameras.

One such region is the Greater Toronto Area, home to the 416 and 905 area codes. Of the 56 seats in play, the Liberals swept 48 of them, including all in the City of Toronto.

Barring a handful of Conservatives elected north of Toronto, the area was cleansed of all New Democrats, including the seat of the late Jack Layton and his wife Olivia Chow. The ‘resurgent’ Jagmeet Singh and his youthful antics and joyful appearance did not translate into any seats. Crestfallen Dippers looked for the Orange Wave to drown their sorrows, but there was no such surge.

The GTA thus emerged as the Liberal bastion with no party to challenge its realm or to speak for the citizens.