Five spooky facts about Canada’s federal debt

It’s Halloween in Canada, and nothing is more frightening this October than Canada’s federal debt. Canada currently holds $786 billion of federal debt, and it isn’t going anywhere unless some serious legislation is created. With Trudeau’s election promises, it looks like our debt is only going to grow in the meantime. 

Due to this, The Post Millennial has compiled the spookiest debt facts, to get you in the mood for this Halloween

We are born into debt

Every Canadian automatically owes $18,717 in federal debt as soon as they are born.

We get poorer every hour

Every hour, ordinary Canadians have to pay more and more to the federal government to bail the country out. As of writing this, Canada’s federal debt has increased by $2,260,273.93 this hour. This means our debt increases $54,246,575.34 every day.

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State of debt slavery in Canada #exln43

Federal gov. debt: $730 billion
+/- $40,000 per taxpayer

Quebec public sector debt: $261 billion
+/- $65,000 per taxpayer

Private debt (household): $2,250 billion
+/- $160,000 average

Household expenses:
-Taxes 44%
-Debt payments 15%798:45 AM – Oct 21, 2019

The spooky interest

As though this wasn’t enough wasted money, Canadians have to pay an extra $26 billion on interest payments every year. This fiscal blackhole lies squarely on the taxpayer

Our current government is bad at handling debt

The current government has no intention to fix our debt crisis. In 2016, Trudeau’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, created a plan that would increase the federal debt by $106.8 billion over the next four years.  Today, we are suffering from the consequences of this.

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Of course they do – now watch as unsustainable wage and benefits demands deepen Canada’s debt for the next generation who will deal with both massive debt burdens and an unaffordable cost of living, all the while searching for work …National Newswatch✔@natnewswatchPublic service union heads express relief, optimism over Liberal minority win … via @thehilltimes1045:45 AM – Oct 23, 2019

We are getting old

Canada is ageing. A significant portion of our population is moving into retirement. With Canada’s current colossal debt, government services will increase, and our treasury may collapse. To avoid this, our politicians have to start thinking about solutions to our debt.