LEVY: The intolerant radicals and their Meghan Murphy circus

The irony would probably be lost on the angry mob of radicals, but the circus they created Tuesday night around the 45-minute appearance of controversial feminist Meghan Murphy made them come across as obstinate, intolerant and as Murphy suggested — steeped in bigotry.

As Murphy spoke inside the Palmerston Library to a capacity crowd, the rent-a-mob of trans and LGBT people and assorted hangers-on grew louder, angrier and more intimidating to those who aren’t used to their cries of self-righteous indignation as I am.

Egged on by the ideologues at the CBC, other left-wing media and various leftist authors — enabled by Mayor John Tory who pushed to get the Toronto public library to cancel the event (not one of his finer moments) — hundreds of regressives tried to bully attendees by either holding them captive inside the library or screaming “shame, shame” as they departed, surrounded by a phalanx of cops and security guards

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