LILLEY: Scheer needs to step up or step down

Terrance Young, an MP from 2008 to 2015 and a candidate in Oakville this past election, called Scheer a nice guy who “can’t connect with voters,” in an interview with the Globe and Mail.

So a former MP couldn’t win his seat back! How is this Scheers fault? He increased seats by 26!

In the same article, star Quebec candidate and former Olympian Sylvie Frechette said Scheer, “didn’t connect at all in Quebec.”

Hello Sylvie, ever heard of the Bloc Quebecois? The official opposition?

After Scheer said he won’t march in future gay pride parades, former Harper-era press secretary Sara MacIntyre took to Twitter to say she was “pissed off.”

Any idea Sara how many Canadians are sick and tired of 1% determining policy? Not to be discriminated against is enough IMO!

He can’t stay business as usual, the next campaign begins now and will likely take place within the next 18-24 months. That is all the time Scheer has to get a new team together and convince voters to give him another chance.