Deficit down, spending up for Ford government

The 2019 budget in the spring projected a $10.3 billion deficit for 2019/20, but has reduced that figure to $9 billion, including a contingency fund.

Down: Reduction in small business corporate income tax rate to 3.2% from 3.5% on Jan. 1Down:

Drop in aviation fuel tax rate in Northern Ontario to 2.7 cents per litre, from 6.7 cents per litre

Up: $1.6B more in total revenues than projected in 2019 budget

Up: $936M in corporate tax revenues

Up: $525M in personal income tax revenues

Up: $90M in land transfer tax revenues

Up: $1.3B more in total spending than projected in 2019 budget

Up: $227M more for doctor care, end of prescription co-payment for long-term care residents

Up: $68M for hospital capacity

Up: $41M for public health units

Up: $26M for land ambulance

Up: $122M for municipal child-care programs

Up: $64M for elementary and secondary schools

Up: $310M for social assistance and child welfare programs

Up: $279M for autism supports

Up: $43M in youth justice services