Protesters cut off Bolivia mayor’s hair, douse her with paint amid unrest

Angry protesters attacked the mayor of a small city in Bolivia on Wednesday, hacking off her hair, dousing her with red paint and dragging her barefoot through the streets amid country-wide clashes over the results of a recent election.

Police and firefighters had to step in to save Mayor Patricia Arce from the angry mob in Vinto, a town of approximately 52,000 in central Bolivia.

The anti-government mob originally kidnapped Arce from city hall, amid rumours that two of their own had been killed by pro-government forces. One of those deaths was later confirmed.

Masked protesters called Arce a murderer and dragged her for nearly five kilometres before they cut off her hair and doused her with paint, local newspaper Los Tiempos reports. They also forced her to sign a resignation letter and torched parts of city hall.