ALDRICH: Rainbow poppy divides, not unites

On Wednesday evening a story about two students at Stonewall Collegiate being directed to wear a rainbow poppy by a choir director went viral. One protested by posting signs throughout the school filled with online comments disparaging the movement of the rainbow poppy.

The 17-year-old has since been suspended until after Remembrance Day for her campaign, being told she was spreading “hate speech.”

All calls to the school were directed to the superintendent at the Interlake School Division, who did not return messages seeking comment. The division posted a statement refuting the claim to their website:

“In light of misinformation which has been widely spread on social media, we will share that at no point did any staff member of Stonewall Collegiate or Interlake School Division direct, nor mandate, any student to wear a ‘rainbow poppy’.”


The poppy does not discriminate. It recognizes that when we bleed out, we all bleed red.

Remembrance Day is supposed to bring us together as a nation. We are supposed to be united in support of our troops and remembrance of those who died fighting for Canada. To attempt to separate out certain groups, regardless of that group, is to elevate that group above others and that is not what our soldiers fight for.