Frustratingly few people wearing poppies

Most in Toronto don’t give a darn about Remembrance Day, or at least wearing a poppy to commemorate it anymore!

It’s a reality plainly visible on any city street.

I’d put it at about 10% wearing poppies downtown Friday, and that may be generous. 

At four locations I counted to 100 to see how many in each group had poppies.

The highest I saw was twelve, and the lowest was three.

The other two were eight and ten.

So about one in every 10 Torontonians — around the Cenotaph at Old City Hall, inside the Eaton Centre, in Dundas Square and just outside the Ryerson University Campus — were donning a poppy, even though veterans are selling them within in a few steps.

Retired Leading Seaman Gerry McGovern selling poppies outside of the Eaton Centre Joe Warmington / Toronto Sun

It is true people are free to wear, or not wear, a poppy.

But lest we forget who it was who gave them that freedom.