Thirty-seven killed in attack on Canadian mining convoy in Burkina Faso

Thirty-seven civilians have been reported dead, with an additional 60 wounded in an attack by an unidentified gunman on a convoy transporting workers of Semafo, a Canadian gold mining company in Burkina Faso, reports Reuters.

The attack occurred between Semafo’s Fada and Boungou mining sites, two towns lying roughly 219 kilometres east of Ouagadougou.

The attack comes 8 months after the death of a Canadian geologist kidnapped from a mining camp in Burkina Faso.

Kirk Woodman, of Halifax, was abducted in the country by over a dozen gunmen on a mining site owned by a separate mining company not affiliated with Semafo, though close in proximity. The area is known for its growing jihadist threats.

Woodman’s body was found alone about 100 kilometres away from the site he worked at. His body was found with bullet wounds.

Burkina Faso is frequently ranked as one of the most dangerous countries in Africa and in the world.