The World Forum – Nov. 13, 2019


No Canadian has done more to encourage people to honour Canada’s veterans than Don Cherry.

As he has made explicit for nearly four decades on TV, his heroes include female veterans, black veterans, brown veterans, First Nations veterans, every kind of veteran or police officer there was.

If you served Canada bravely, he said thank you, and wanted others to say thank you, too. He’s never expressed any interest at all in what race any veteran was.

Anyone who’s ever watched “Coach’s Corner” knows that…which is to say, if you *don’t* know that, you’ve never actually watched “Coach’s Corner”, and therefore, don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, and therefore, shouldn’t be saying anything about this at all.

Cherry’s recent comments challenged newcomers to Canada to embrace the Canadian tradition of showing gratitude for military veterans by wearing a poppy.

After all, war veterans are at the forefront of those who helped create and defend Canada as we know it today. Everyone who lives in Canada today, domestic or foreign born, owes those men and women a debt of gratitude. No sane, decent person could deny this.

But for the “crime” of encouraging new Canadian immigrants to join with the rest of the nation in wearing the poppy, millions of total idiots – many of whom just voted for a guy who thinks wearing blackface and a large prosthetic “black man’s penis” is hilarious – deliberately misrepresented his words and demanded his career be destroyed. Every one of these rotten ignoramuses should feel ashamed of themselves.

As I watch these people mischaracterize Cherry’s recent comments, a certain memory lingers. It’s a memory of watching Cherry choke up, live on air during “Coach’s Corner”, some years ago, as he spoke about a young Indo-Canadian officer who’d just been shot and killed.

Cherry paid tribute to the young Indo-Canadian man’s courage, called him “a beautiful guy” with a wonderful family, and was about to start crying as the segment ended. I was moved myself. Everyone watching would have been.

But none of the idiots who have demanded Cherry’s firing would know this, because none of them actually watched “Coach’s Corner”, ever. They simply believed what other idiots told them. They joined an online mob.

Because of that ignorant mob, a guy just got fired who’s spent forty years cheering for men and women of all races who serve Canada in uniform.

They got a man fired simply because he wanted all Canadians – native-born or newly minted – to honour Canada’s war dead by wearing the poppy.

That is outrageous, stupid, sick, and wrong. …