‘I don’t care about your prayers’: Montreal cop suspended 15 days for insulting Muslim man

A Montreal police officer who insulted a Muslim man he had pulled over for a traffic violation two years ago has been suspended for 15 days.

Quebec’s Police Ethics Committee had earlier ruled that Constable Eric Locas, a 25-year veteran of the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal, had insulted Abdelkrim Rahal based on the latter’s religion.

Rahal said he did not have his headlights on because the sun had already risen. Locas disagreed, but Rahal insisted, saying he knew the sun had already risen because that is when he, a devout Muslim, had to do one of his daily prayers.

“I don’t care about your prayers,” Locas responded. Those were the comments the committee found to be injurious to Rahal and his religion.

Locas said he argued with Rahal because he believed the man was just trying to talk his way out of a ticket. He conceded that his words were poorly chosen, but denied trying to insult Rahal or his religion.