#GunControl #Canada Ban Hammer, Cometh | Gun ban Canada is here

Raging Humanist

We knew it was coming. Here comes the ban hammer Liberal party plans to unveil a “list” of “prohibited” weapons (who decides, who knows!) which will almost assuredly be following the precedent set in New Zealand of “only” banning “semi automatic military style assault weapons”. Key word, semi automatic. Which is nearly every damn firearm on the market worth owning, which leaves us with tiny range shotguns, lever and bolt action rifles from world war 1 to protect ourselves from the state – whose police forces are armed as well as front line Canadian Forces Infantryman. Sounds fine, right ? I wonder why they would want to do such a thing? To protect us, surely! Because… 30 years ago, polytechnique! (already banned magazines)… because… New Zealand!!! … right ?! God helps us from these imbeciles.