The rest of Canada is making fun of Toronto for thinking -12c is cold

As Vancouver comes to halt during what it’s deeming Snowmageddon, the Prairies face temperatures as low as – 50 C and the East Coast hunkers down under its fair share of snow, Toronto has been dealing with a pretty mild winter so far.

In light of this, Canadians across the country are making fun of the city for issuing an extreme cold weather alert today for a measly – 12 C.

The western Canadian prairies are collectively laughing right now. … We may have an eye ball strain from rolling our eyes too.. don’t forget your spring jacket when you leave the house.. we’d probably open a window to catch a breeze.

— Dale.. (@rockwoodgraphix) January 16, 2020

The alert, courtesy of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, is in anticipation of the coldest bout of weather the city has seen so far in 2020 thanks to some Arctic air and snowfall.

Toronto hits -12 today.

— Kodie Rollan (@ROLLANinthedeep) January 16, 2020

The statement usually comes when temperatures drop to – 15 C or colder, and/or windchill hits – 20 C or colder.

But the official Toronto forecasts from the Weather Network and Environment Canada don’t indicate a dip below – 14 C in the next few days. Tonight will apparently be around – 12 C without windchill factored in.

@SamInYEG LOL this is extreme cold in Toronto.

Alberta and out west right now are laughing at this.

— Darcy Armstrong Raptors NBA Champions (@DArm91) January 16, 2020

Residents in other parts of Canada are finding the alert laughable as they deal with way more frigid temps that have led to school bus cancellations, cracked train tracks, closed ski hills and zoo penguins brought indoors for their own safety, among other things.

Wheel and come again toronto😪

— 🇦🇬💪🏾Evronne👊🏾🇦🇬 (@big_eazzzzzy) January 16, 2020

Some are even calling Torontonians “a little fragile” and “hysterical” on social media, telling us to take a trip to Alberta or Montreal if we want to experience some real cold.

@CP24 Compared to Calgary, Toronto’s “extreme cold” is downright balmy

— RMCLA (@rmcla_ca) January 16, 2020

Others are wondering how Toronto managed to completely swap winter weather with places on the West Coast that rarely see snow over the season.

I think Toronto and Vancouver decided to switch winter weather without telling anyone #Snowmageddon2020

— Nick (@nfedele) January 16, 2020

The weather from coast-to-coast has been a bit chaotic this past week, which has been frustrating for many but has also admittedly provided everyone with a reason to laugh (while getting pelted in the face with freezing cold blasts of wind and snow).

Toronto: It’s about to get REAL cold.

Calgary/Edmonton: Hold my beer.

Vancouver: Check out how we use lawn chairs to shovel snow.

— Matthew Conrod (@MatthewConrod_) January 16, 2020

Though the rest of the country seems to think we’re a bunch of sensitive babies here in Toronto (for many reasons, I’m sure), we could probably just bond over the real-life hell that is winter in Canada rather than make fun of one another.

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