Judicial Watch’s Deep Dive: The Iran-Deal Cover-Up & Biden’s Ukraine Connection

In this week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Update, President Tom Fitton discussed ongoing Judicial Watch investigations and legal efforts to uncover Kerry and Biden’s communications in Iran and Ukraine, respectively. 

President Trump’s decisive action in killing Soleimani rid the world of “one of the most significant terrorists of the modern era,” Fitton affirms. The Administration’s swift response to Iranian aggression against US assets in Iraq “almost revolutionized foreign policy” towards the country and region, upending 40 years of “coddling and kowtowing” to the Ayatollah’s terrorist regime. Killing the disastrously corrupt Iran Deal and standing up to Iran’s murderous record of terror, President Trump has shown his commitment to upholding America’s interests at home and abroad. Even so, much more needs to be done to uncover the past and present abuses of elected officials, from Kerry’s Iran Deal “dealings” to Biden’s Ukraine corruption.

To this end, Judicial Watch is seeking the truth on the Obama Administrations’ questionable negotiations behind the Iran Deal. In fact, “we sued for Kerry’s communications and activities that the State Department might have in terms of his connections to the Iranian regime,” Fitton states. “Transparency,” Fitton continues, is what must be at the center of the investigations on the Iran Deal and Kerry’s “collusion with the Iranian regime.” All the more so considering the “$400 million in hard cash” paid by the Obama Administration to Iran.

Turning to Biden, the State Department continues to purposely obstruct requests for information on the ex-VP’s activities there. It’s “a torturous process,” as Fitton puts it, which led Judicial Watch to sue for official communications between Biden and the Ukrainian government last November. Despite the Agency’s efforts to slow-roll documents on Biden’s Ukraine dealings, the House of Representatives’ “coup cabal charade” ironically “provided more substantial information that the Obama Administration was concerned about Biden’s activities in Ukraine,” Fitton affirms. The President, Tom states, “should order for these records to be release en-masse” – and should “release everything on the Iran Nuke Deal, release everything on Joe Biden and Ukraine.. Obama’s communications with Iran.”

Watch the Weekly Update excerpt here.

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