BONOKOSKI: Disproportionate jailing of indigenous in federal prisons now staggering

… the percentage of indigenous inmates in the federal prison system has more than doubled — from 13% in 2004 to 30% today — despite representing only 5% of the Canadian population.

This week, Correction Investigator Dr. Ivan Zinger, a long-time colleague and successor to Sapers, again called for the creation of a deputy corrections commissioner to oversee indigenous inmates.

But, even more alarming to Zinger was that indigenous women now account for 42% of all women behind bars in our federal prisons.

Will this finally move the Trudeau Liberals to appoint a new deputy corrections commissioner for indigenous inmates?

The “ask” is now 16 years old and counting.

According to Zinger, the numbers are more staggering in provincial jails where, particularly in some prairie regions, indigenous women represent upwards of 90% of the prison population.