GOLDSTEIN: Why Trudeau is paralyzed by the rail blockades

It’s not surprising Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Co. are reluctant to meaningfully intervene against blockades by Indigenous protesters demonstrating against a gas pipeline in B.C. that have disrupted railway lines across Canada.

It would be contrary to Trudeau’s brand.

Our prime minister is supposed to be the great healer of Canada’s tortured relationship between its first nations and the “settlers” who came later, meaning the rest of us.

Trudeau’s the last politician in Canada who wants to be associated with police arresting Indigenous demonstrators, who say they’re protesting the denial of their land rights by Canadian governments.

When it comes to railway blockades – which many Canadians regard as blatant lawbreaking because they’d be cleared out in a heartbeat if they ever tried the same thing – Trudeau and Co. don’t really blame the protesters for what they’re doing.

They blame the rest of us.