‘The Most Expensive Home In LA’ – Bezos Buys $165 Million Bachelor Pad

‘The Most Expensive Home In LA’ – Bezos Buys $165 Million Bachelor Pad

After the absolutely bonkers revelations about how MbS phished Jeff Bezos, hacking his phone after sending a link to a video that Bezos apparently clicked, it appears the Amazon executive is celebrating his company’s $1 trillion milestone and its spectacular Q4 earnings report by buying a home that would make Ken Griffin blush.

WSJ reports that Bezos just dropped $165 million to buy the Warner Estate from music mogul David Geffen. The historic property was billed as ‘the most expensive home in LA’.

On 9 acres in Beverly Hills, the Warner Estate was designed in the 1930s for Jack Warner, the late former president of entertainment giant Warner Bros. The property had expansive terraces, sprawling gardens, several guest houses, a tennis court and its own 9-hole golf course. “No studio czar’s residence, before or since, has ever surpassed in size, grandeur, or sheer glamour the Jack Warner Estate on Angelo Drive in Benedict Canyon,” wrote veteran Los Angeles real-estate agent Jeff Hyland in his book, “The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills.”

“I would say it’s one of the most beautiful properties in the world, let alone Los Angeles,” said local agent Kurt Rappaport. No real-estate agents were involved in the transaction, according to a person familiar with the deal.

The estate has plenty of room for Bezos’ brood of children with his ex-wife to frolic and play, while offering enough privacy and security to make sure that the paps won’t be able to capture any intimate moments between big Jeff and his mistress.

As the Verge reminds us in another aggravating populist screed against the wealthy (we thought this was a technology website?), Bezo’s purchase would be like if somebody making $60,000 a year bought a home for $75. Remember, the Verge adds: this is an insane amount of money to spend on anything.

That’s a wild amount of money for anything — I mean, aside from a 747? — but especially for a place you might presumably live in. (Bezos spent around $80 million on a few New York apartments earlier this year, so it’s not clear where his five-foot, seven-inch frame will primarily reside.) For context, $165 million is an eighth of a percent of Bezos’ $131.9 billion net worth.

God forbid a billionaire buy a high-end shag pad while so many are still starving around the world.

Remember, kids: If you work hard and make the right moves, maybe someday you can own a home like this, too. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

Tyler Durden

Thu, 02/13/2020 – 17:45
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