Statement from President Sarah Kennedy regarding the TTC streetcar arrest video involving two TTC Special Constables

February 9, 2020

TTC Special Constables Are Owed an Apology:

On Friday February 7, 2020 a 12-second video was posted to Twitter by a TTC rider showing a small part of a four-minute interaction between a subject under arrest and Special Constables.

It has been learned that the Special Constables had boarded a TTC Streetcar while Fare Inspectors were conducting a fare check.  Two passengers complained to the Special Constables about a person causing a disturbance. Upon engaging with this person, the subject threatened the officers and proceeded to shove and punch them. The subject violently resisted the subsequent arrest, demonstrating assaultive behaviour and officers can be seen in the video deploying “pepper-spray” foam and attempting to gain control by restraining the subject against the streetcar seat. According to the Ontario use of force continuum, an accepted use-of force model for all Peace Officers in Ontario, this use of force was warranted based on the subject’s behaviour.

The Toronto Police continued the arrest of the Special Constables and charged the subject with criminal charges including: Assault Police x2, Utter threats x2, and a Trespass to Property Act charge for Failing to Leave when Directed. 

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