Violent Leftists at Ohio University Mob ‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett As She Attempted to Conduct Interviews on Campus (VIDEOS)


What is being described as a “riot” by witnesses broke out at Ohio University on Monday when pro-Trump political commentator Kaitlin Bennett attempted to conduct interviews on campus.

“Bennett was there to film “man on the street” style interviews for Liberty Hangout when a threatening mob formed to chase them off campus. She says that the unhinged demonstrators were not only yelling and screaming, but assaulted her and those she was with by throwing beverages at them multiple times.

“We went there to film a President’s Day Trivia video, similar to my other trivia videos on Liberty Hangout. We were only able to ask one person one question before a mob started to form and eventually turned into a riot. They started throwing objects at us, hitting me in the face several time. They dumped hot coffee on me, and then several other beverages on my friend Joel Patrick. When we finally made it to our ride, they were jumping on the truck and beating the windows trying to break it,” Bennett told The Gateway Pundit.”

Link to Source: Gateway Pundit