‘PIECE OF METAL’? Dodgers’ Justin Turner rips MLB commissioner

To put it lightly, Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Justin Turner does not see eye to eye with Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred.

The 35-year-old veteran ripped the commissioner on Monday for describing the World Series trophy as “a piece of metal” during a recent interview. Turner was part of the Dodgers team that lost the 2017 World Series in seven games to the Houston Astros, who since have been implicated in a sign-stealing controversy.

Manfred’s “piece of metal” comment came in response to the notion of stripping Houston of its title.

“So for him to devalue it the way he did yesterday just tells me how out of touch he is with the players in this game. At this point the only thing devaluing that trophy is that it says ‘commissioner’ on it.”

The league’s investigation of the Astros led to the suspension — and subsequent firing — of Houston manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow. However, no active players drew any type of punishment for their role in the scheme.

Turner criticized the lack of consequences for Astros players.