IFP: They’re Trying to Shut Us Down!

Dearly beloved …. please Like, Follow, and Share our new Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IFPNewsFeed Our previous Facebook page had been censored.


It really helps us out when you do that. Facebook is our largest source of internet traffic by far, and has been an integral component of our growth as a Community. Now, our previous IFP Facebook page has been DELETED.

IFP (and previously CFP) has been under constant attack since inception February 15, 2015. Censorship has reared it’s un-Godly head in many forms over these last 5 years. Our Community has persevered every time.


Yesterday, Facebook shuttered our Feed there. As much as the young people want to call #OKBoomer on Facebook and all that, Facebook is a huge contributor to our audience. On IFP’s biggest days, Facebook is the largest driver of traffic to IFP.


If you were kind enough to Follow and Share our old page, please fight this censorship by Following and Sharing our new Facebook Page here: www.facebook.com/IFPNewsFeed


Finally, Twitter is also a big contributor to IFP. If you happen to be on Twitter, every thread that is Posted here, much the same as with Facebook, is posted to our Twitter Feed. If you are into that sort of thing, please Follow, Like, Retweet, etc all the threads that get automatically pushed to Twitter. It can be found here: twitter.com/ruckmaker

Naturally, and as usual, we thank our Community for your ongoing amazing support!