WARMINGTON: The ugly side of the blockades

Four men, using masks to disguise identities, were captured in a Facebook Live feed — by Real Peoples Media Wednesday — along the CN rail tracks. The post shows Tyendinaga Mohawk Warriors using a gas can to light wooden skids thrown on the tracks as the fully-loaded train travelled through.

“Mohawk Warriors here are adamant that no train shall pass,” said a man in a video from the incident that was later shared through social media.

People actively attacking trains are not protesters — as we in the media keep describing them.

It’s the wrong word. So what is the right one?

Disrupter? Occupier? Anarchist?  Or militant, radical, agitator or revolutionist?

All better than protester which describes law-abiding actions.

“It’s criminal activity,” is how  OPP Staff-Sgt. Carolle Dionne described what is in these videos.

The OPP is investigating.

But somebody has to say stopping commuter, cargo or passenger trains from operating, and lighting fires next to them, is not protesting.

It’s terrorism.