This Pork-Hucking Pig Farmer Is the Only One Doing Quarantine Right

Left with a backlog of ham and sausages, one farmer has figured out a way to safely get his wares to his customers in the time of social distancing—hucking ham.

Tucked away in a nice corner of Canada’s smallest province exists a man with a cheerful laugh and some ham to huck.

That man—this kind-hearted pig-part-thrower—is one of the few doing social distancing right.

Ranald MacFarlane runs a pork and dairy farm in western P.E.I. He traditionally sells his pork products through his local farmers market. After the province enacted a state of emergency and shut down all non-essential businesses, he was left with a backlog of vacuum-sealed pork.

“I didn‘t know what I was gonna do with it, so I put it on Twitter that I have smoked hams and all that stuff,” MacFarlane told VICE. “I mean, it‘s all lovely stuff; it‘s all legal.”

“People just shot me a message on Twitter or texted me and said, ‘I want those hams’ and I said ‘fine.’”

But in a time of social distancing how do you get your wares to the people? How do you and your hams across the 6-foot chasm recommended by doctors everywhere? Well, MacFarlane took a hint from fast-food chains and started a backyard drive-through service. MacFarlane figured that restless people were driving around his part of the province anyway. So, the farmer filled up his big freezer on his back porch with the porch and, as long as you call ahead and pay, he’ll huck that pork right on through your window.

He fully admits making pigs fly takes a bit of practice.