Black Belt Florida Woman Breaks Boyfriend’s Nose For Refusing Sex, Coughs ‘Coronavirus’ On EMTs

When medics arrived at the scene to offer assistance, the woman coughed on them while screaming that she had the coronavirus.

Nothing is more dangerous than a woman scorned — except maybe an upset woman who knows karate.

A Florida woman caused multiple disturbances after she allegedly beat up her boyfriend using her martial arts skills. When first responders arrived to the scene, the woman deliberately coughed on them and claimed she was infected with the COVID-19 virus.

According to the New York Daily News, 38-year-old LaDonald Shakkie Holmes became agitated with her boyfriend after he refused to hook up with her because she had previously decided to get back together with her ex-husband.

Not taking no for an answer, Holmes, who has previous battery convictions, reportedly “roundhouse kicked” her boyfriend in the nose before punching him in the face. The boyfriend left the house and called 911.

“It should be noted the arrestee is a blackbelt in martial arts,” officers noted in their report of the altercation. By the time the police arrived at the scene of the disturbance in the Orlando suburb of Lady Lake, Holmes’ boyfriend had been reduced to a bloody mess.

During the encounter with police, Holmes had been lying in bed and refused to answer any questions directed at her. When the cops tried to drag her out to the police cruiser, Holmes suddenly went limp.