Trophy Hunters Kill Beloved Canadian Lone Wolf Made Famous By Wildlife Photographers

Before his tragic death, Takaya made the wild island territories near Vancouver Island his home for 11 years.

Canadians and animal lovers are mourning the death of a lone wolf known to Vancouver Island locals as Takaya after he was found shot to death in late March 2020.

But Takaya wasn’t just any wild animal. According to the Guardian, Takaya was part of a rare breed of wolf known as the coastal or sea wolf.

This species of wild canine is uniquely adapted to marine environments, like the many islands scattered near Vancouver Island where Takaya was known to roam.

Unlike their carnivorous counterparts who prey on wild deer, sea wolves like Takaya — who earned his name from the local Songhees First Nation tribe’s word for wolf — live off a diet of aquatic prey from shellfish to seals.

Their population has unexpectedly thrived over the last few decades with an estimated 250 of them believed to inhabit Vancouver Island, which covers 12,000-square miles.