Jarvis: Canadians in U.S. city under siege — ‘We have a duty’

He was an American bus driver with COVID-19 in the emergency room at a hospital in Detroit.

She’s a nurse from Windsor who cared for him.

“We were asking him, ‘Is there anybody we can call?’” she said. “He said, ‘No, it’s OK.’ Ten minutes later, we had to intubate him really quickly. We were like, ‘Who do we call?’

“All we could do was just sit there and watch him slowly deteriorate. There was essentially nothing anyone could do to save this guy. Once he went downhill like that, that was it. There was no coming back.

“That was the first COVID death that I experienced, where it really put into perspective how bad this disease is, said the nurse, who asked that she and her hospital not be named.

This is the frontline of an American city under siege, where there are more COVID-19 cases than in all of Ontario and the pandemic isn’t close to reaching its peak. An estimated 1,600 Canadians are caring for the sick and dying across the border.

This nurse is only 24. (…)

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