RCMP sent to enforce Quarantine Act on 80-year-old cancer patient

An 80-year-old woman with stage-4 cancer who lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia, was visited in her condo building by members of the RCMP last week to enforce quarantine, despite having answered phone multiple calls to ensure that she was where she was supposed to be. Of additional concern was that the officers were not wearing face masks, despite her compromised immune system.

Jeannette Geoffrion’s daughter, Rachel Geoffrion, reached out to The Post Millennial on behalf of her mother, explaining the complex situation in which they have found themselves.

Geoffrion’s parents live in North Vancouver, where most of the infections are among the elderly at nursing homes. Many of these homes are near where Geoffrion’s parents live, and she has already been substantially concerned due to her mother’s vulnerability as a result of the cancer.

Geoffrion’s mother suffers from stage-4 cancer, and has had to commute from North Vancouver, BC, to Bellingham, Washington, in order to receive cancer treatment that would otherwise be too expensive in the province. Her mother says she is too old (around 80 years of age) to “qualify for the enhancing pills even if I could afford them.”

Normally, when Geoffrion’s parents cross the border back into BC from the US, they are asked to quarantine for two weeks, per the Quarantine Act, and her parents always comply. Their primary concern is for Geoffrion’s mother’s health and safety. The couple goes so far as to have groceries delivered, and to wipe down anything before it enters the house.

Despite being called by law enforcement to ensure that they were where they said they were, the RCMP paid them a visit. The officers showed up on their doorstep without protective masks, and standing “within spitting distance of them.”

The following is the timeline of events, drawn out by Geoffrion’s mother to her daughter through an email, including the multiple confirmed phone calls that should have kept the RCMP from visiting the home of someone with a compromised immune system.