Colorado Man Arrested For Operating Drug Lab Where He Made ‘Healthy’ Açaí Berry Meth

Police arrested a Colorado man after discovering an unusual methamphetamine lab in his garage. Instead of run-of-the-mill meth, the man claimed to be making a bizarre concoction which he told police was a “healthy” blend of açaí berries and methamphetamine.

According to local news outlet Longmont Times-Call, the man has been identified as 49-year-old Craig William Rogers and he was arrested following a traffic stop by police officers who had been surveilling his address.

Before the arrest, local authorities received a tip about a possible meth lab working out of a property on the 1500 block of Emery Street. The tip included several photographs of the alleged meth lab.

After receiving the photo evidence-backed tip, police surveyed the home located at the address. They stopped Rogers while he was out driving his black pickup truck and pulled him over for questioning.

During the streetside questioning, Rogers freely admitted that he had meth inside a pipe in the center console of his truck. According to the affidavit, Rogers also admitted to police that he was making a “healthy meth substance” at home, claiming there were açaí berries in it — a deep purple-colored fruit more commonly associated with “superfood” smoothies than meth.