BLM and Going Too Far

Going too far is why I cannot support BLM. It’s not as though I cannot support anti-racism. I cannot support calling whites because they have the nerve to bring up that we are also victims of police brutality and suffer from many of the same issues that impact black communities. I cannot support whites being threatened with losing their jobs for saying “All Lives Matter!” In fact, while so many whites are shaming other whites for saying the phrase online, this June 17 Rasmussen poll is revealing: “Sixty percent (60%) of whites and 61% of other minority voters put all lives first. Among blacks, 44% say black lives matter; 47% all lives matter.” There’s a statistic they will never show on CNN or MSNBC!

In many ways, white communities are broken communities as we suffer from drug addiction, divorce, absentee fathers (many of them in prison) etc. Yet, we are told to acknowledge our privilege or we are racist. It feels like being kicked when you are down and had no hand in the plight of those doing the kicking. What is the real point of insisting that a white person in no position of power acknowledge their privilege? Also, consider this, which someone told me in the grocery store the other day: “We all come from somewhere.”

The majority of the wealthy communities in America being white does not mean I have anything in common with them. I mean, the Colts owner, Jim Irsay, was able to buy his way out of trouble with opioid addiction. These people are why so many of the numbers are skewed toward whites. Yet, that has NOTHING to do with the millions of whites out here struggling. A portion of the white population….the ones in the ivory towers, the corporate executives, cannot see this and they are the ones making the rules that call us racist for daring to bring up our struggles right now and not calling ourselves privileged.

Considering sentencing for all crimes, if there are disparities in sentencing between whites and blacks of similar economic status, then these needs to be worked on. However, SO does the disparity in sentencing between the wealthy and the lower classes, which is the primary factor in sentencing disparity. Now, considering today’s environment, when prosecutors attempt to even out any disparities in sentencing between whites and blacks, do you think they will lessen the sentences of blacks to do this. Or, do you think they will raise the sentences of whites. Digging deeper, do you think the wealthy and well connected will be the ones who get heftier sentences. I venture to guess, Hell no! It will be the lower income white men who get the longer sentences to show better numbersMeanwhile, the blacks will suffer from the same, often egregious, sentencing that they get now. 

Criminal justice system reform must include ALL of is or it will not work. The problems of lower-income whites and lower-income blacks parallel on too many levels for it to work any other way. I also suggest that justice system reform begins with prison reform, and tort reform to change how prisoners are treated upon release. A felony blemish on one’s record can make a person feel disenfranchised for her entire life. This is good for no Americans.  If we are indeed the melting pot, or the salad bowl of nations, we must start treating our problems as the American problems that they are. Racism exists, but police brutality and our criminal justice system do not operate within that  vacuum.

What’s more, there are many factors involved in privileged. Is the black daughter of a local politician more privileged than my kids? I don’t know, and really, I don’t care! As a family, we strive to be the best we can be and overcome obstacles..this is all we can do!

So, I urge all BLM supporters to consider that many of the tactics of BLM may be counterproductive to the cause of blacks and all Americans. Instead of the knee jerk, “You’re ignorant” and “you’re a Neo-Nazi reactions” maybe it’s time to consider the other side. After all, these are bully tactics that liberals say Trump is so guilty of perpetuating. I voted for Obama twice and am ashamed of what the Democratic party is now doing. I ask you to please slow down, think about your tactics, and think about this definition of being liberal: “willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.” Just because someone is not a fan of the BLM tactics does not mean that person doesn’t support the advancement of black causes. It just might mean they think we need to bring ALL Americans up instead of bringing some down in order to “progress.” BLM may be going too far to the point that we regress our race relations to the detriment of all Americans.