WATCH THE VIDEO: Another violent RCMP arrest in Alberta

Another violent Alberta RCMP arrest is in the spotlight – but this time witnesses say there are two sides to every story.

The recent arrest in Sherwood Park shows an officer approaching an elderly man who had been causing a disturbance at a nearby cafe.

The officer talks with the man but then suddenly takes him down, smashing his head into the pavement.

Blood is seen seeping out of the man’s wound as the officer kneels on his head.

ASIRT has been called in to investigate the arrest.

But Ashyln Hodgson said the video doesn’t tell the whole story.

“This all actually happened right by my work. And what this video doesn’t show is the fire fighter who this man being taken down assaulted prior to. He punched him in the face. As well as the civilian who he punched in the face. As well as the threats he was screaming at people at my work and outside my work,” she said on Facebook.

“He was belligerently drunk and the officer told him to put his hands behind his back or he would take him to the ground. The man failed to comply so the officer did just that.