Horror: Nearly 14% Of Canadian Assisted Suicides Cited “Isolation Or Loneliness” As Cause

Not the sole cause, but that number pops out nevertheless. The Canadian government has issued its annual report on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program for 2019, which appears to have been a banner year. Over 1200 practitioners in medically-assisted suicide performed 5,631 assisted deaths, the vast majority of whom were primary-care physicians (65%) rather than specialists. Oncologists, for instance, only represented 1.7% of all MAID providers, while palliative medicine represented just 9.1%.

It’s this chart, outlining the reasons given by those whose MAID requests were approved and who received an assisted death, that looks shocking. Assisted suicide activists sell this as a means to put an end to needless suffering, but this non-exclusive list of approved reasons for MAID encompasses a lot more than unsolvable pain: