Unmasking Joe Biden’s Mental State

By  • August 13, 2020

What impact will Biden’s mental faculties have on the election? Of course, the Democrats simply want to oust Trump at any cost, and Biden is merely an acceptable figurehead for the ascendant hard Left’s campaign, a kind of Trojan horse for an American experiment with totalitarian government.

Much will be made of Kamala Harris, who will effectively succeed him from day one and govern the country as the White House goes woke. While reclined, sipping tea in the Oval Office, Biden will really have lasted less time than the ninth president, Willian Henry Harrison, who served just 31 days before he died of typhoid pneumonia.

For the first time since broadcasting began, there may be no presidential debate. The Democrats know that Biden would be at risk of a catastrophic performance under pressure from Trump, who would pull no punches. Opinion polling shows that the American people like Biden more, the less they hear him speak. So he will be prevented from speaking at all. The New York Times has blatantly supported this tactic, leaving Trump to shout into the wind.

Democrats think that they’ll win the election in November without any debates, without a convention, without public rallies, without a real campaign, and without voters visiting polling stations. To have any chance, Trump must unmask the man whose cognitive deficits surely make him unsuitable as commander-in-chief in a dangerous world.

A President Biden could not ably govern or make cogent decisions. His misreading of an emerging conflict could cause rapid escalation and needless loss of life.