Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada

In 1997, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) collaborated on a report to assess China’s influence on Canada. They expressed concern that Canadian real estate, amongst other countries, is being purchased in major economic centres for the purposes of wielding control over local politicians. The report was ignored, and someone inside the agency leaked it to journalists at the time

Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada!

RCMP-CSIS investigated links between PM Chretien, Desmarais & influence on Canadian politicians.

Warned Canadians about the Chinese takeover of Canada!

No one Listened

Operation Sidewinder: A Threat to National Security!

Links the Chinese Communist Govt & Chinese Military Intelligence to Canadian Corporations; Power Corporation

Trudeau, Chretien, & Desmarais all implicated!

  • Many Conservative Party Leaders have also pushed the Desmarais-Chinese Communist Party Line!
  • Mulroney, Harper, MacKay, Bernier are all Desmarais Boys!
  • CPC Erin O’Toole was a lawyer with Stikeman Elliot that represented Li Ka Shing director of Beijing CITIC of China investigated by CSIS: “Project Sidewinder” for drug smuggling, espionage, money laundering, influencing Politicians
  • CITIC Group is owned by People’s Republic of China
  • Desmarais is board member on CITIC in China!
  • CITIC & Desmarais Power Corporation are also founding member of the Canada-China Business Council!
  • As are these corporations:
  • Over 200 Canadian businesses listed in “Project Sidewinder” operating in Canada, all secretly controlled by the Chinese Government!
  • Thousands of Chinese Intelligence Agents based in Canada!
  • China has already invaded!
  • What exactly was Canadian Ambassador John McCallum telling the Chinese?
Several Chinese articles quote John McCallum as stating Canada needs another 30.5 MILLION IMMIGRANTS?