The Democrats’ Undeserving and Uncivil Campaign

wrote last week how I was shocked that Peggy Noonan described President Trump in the Wall Street Journal on September 5 as “a malignancy metastasizing in the oval office.” A week later, she fell to mind-reading, as less distinguished journalists and indifferent historians frequently do, and announced that the president, a graduate of the New York Military Institute and the greatest White House friend the American military has had at least since General Eisenhower, believes with the elder son of the Godfather (in the famous Coppola film), that people who join the armed forces are fools because their personal interests are not directly involved.

Coming from a distinguished journalist and a very decent and conscientious person, these reflections are a disgrace. No president of the United States should ever under any circumstances be described by a fellow citizen as a “malignancy.” The particular failure and hypocrisy of the Trump-haters is that the crudeness they claim to hate in Trump is magnified in their own antagonism toward him. This undermines their case and it incites the suspicion that some of the charges they make against Trump are more accurately directed against them.

Naked Bias

This problem is compounded by the grossly unprofessional bigotry of 90 percent of the national political media. The New York Times apologized for failing to inform its readers of the rise of the Trump phenomenon shortly after the 2016 election. They have since declared as a matter of policy that they are not so much engaged in presidential reporting as in opposing this president, and the principal token dissenter from that position at the Times, Bari Weiss, resigned in July, disillusioned by the farcical tokenism of her position.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen numerous examples of the naked bias of the television media. CNN’s Don Lemon urged Democrats to oppose the rioting rather than continue to ignore it, because the polls were turning against his network’s favored party on the issue. The same network’s Jake Tapper has been giving partisan tactical advice to Pennsylvania Democratic congressional candidates. Recordings of the same network’s Christopher Cuomo have been released in which Cuomo carefully coached convicted former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on how to present his pre-discredited allegations of wrongdoing against his former client in the now very tired folkloric tale of Stormy Daniels.