GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau recreating McGuinty’s green energy disaster

When it comes to green energy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is going down the same disastrous path for Canada that former premier Dalton McGuinty did for Ontario more than a decade ago.

A case in point was last week’s announcement his government will spend $10 billion on green infrastructure and related projects, claiming this will create 60,000 jobs.

The format was eerily similar to how McGuinty announced 11 years ago that his government was going to spend billions of dollars on green infrastructure, claiming it would create more than 50,000 jobs, under his Green Energy Act.

It was almost as if the same Liberals who wrote McGuinty’s media release on Sept. 24, 2009, cut and pasted it for Trudeau’s media release on Oct. 1, 2020.

Trudeau’s announcement was headlined: “Prime Minister announces infrastructure plan to create jobs and grow the economy.”

McGuinty’s read: “Green Energy Act Will Attract Investment, Create Jobs.”


auditor general, Bonnie Lysyk, reported on the impact of McGuinty’s Green Energy Act on electricity pricing in Ontario:

“We calculated that electricity consumers have had to pay $9.2 billion more … for power from renewable energy electricity projects over the 20-year contract terms under the (government’s) current guaranteed-price renewable program than they would have paid under the previous procurement program … We found that the prices under Ontario’s guaranteed-price renewable program were … double the market price for wind and three-and-a-half times the market price for solar energy in 2014.”