ITALY set to make masks compulsory OUTDOORS!

The measures will come into effect, sources aid, once the cabinet decree is approved by parliament.
    Meanwhile the government reactivated its coronavirus task force, which led lockdown measures, on Monday.
    Among the new clusters was an outbreak at Terracina south of Rome.
    There are unconfirmed reports that it may have been linked to a rally by nationalist opposition leader Matteo Salvini of the anti-migrant and euroskeptic League party.
    Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri said “there should not be a new national lockdown, but controls should be made more rigorous”.
    Conte said “I do not see another lockdown on the horizon”.
    Meanwhile Education Minister Lucia Azzolina praised teachers for their “excellent” work after schools reopened last month.
    “They have done a great job on school safety”, she said.
    In Campania, the region around Naples, Governor Vicenzo De Luca issued an ordinance ordering bars, restaurants and clubs to close at 23:00 from Sunday to Thursday and at midnight on Friday and Saturday.
    Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris said the new measure would increase the likelihood of these businesses being taken over by the mafia.
    The daily tally of new COVID cases in Italy fell again Monday but with a sharp fall in the number of tests carried out.
    There were 2,257 new cases Monday, compared to 2,578 Sunday, the health ministry said.
    But there were just 60,241 swabs taken, down from 92,000 Sunday.
    There were 16 new victims, down from 18 Sunday, the ministry said.
    Total infections since the start of the pandemic are 327,586.
    The death toll is now 36,002.
    The biggest regional number of new cases is by far in Campania, with 431 fresh infections.
    No region had zero new infections.