GOLDSTEIN: With Trudeau, it’s always somebody else’s fault

Justin Trudeau attacking Canada’s opposition parties for reviving official inquiries into his WE Charity controversy that he shut down when he prorogued Parliament in August is absurd and politically dishonest.

It’s yet another example of the prime minister refusing to take responsibly for his own actions.

It’s also a consistent pattern he exhibits whenever confronted by controversy.

With Trudeau, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

This time, Trudeau is falsely suggesting it’s only the Conservatives who care about the WE scandal, when in fact the concern is shared by all the opposition parties in Parliament, including the NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

While Liberals MPs are doing all they can at these parliamentary inquiries to prevent them from finishing their work, Trudeau’s excuse, this time, is that he’s totally focused on the bang-up job he’s doing for Canadians dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

Insert hysterical laughter here.

True to form on Tuesday, Trudeau blamed the Harper government for failures at the Public Health Agency of Canada during the pandemic.

In fact, as reported by the Globe and Mail, it was the Trudeau government’s decision last year to kneecap the agency specifically created to give Canadians early warnings about pandemics— the Global Public Health Intelligence Network — that was one of the reasons for the government’s slow response to COVID-19.