Liberals Continue Filibuster of Opposition Over WE Charity Documents

OTTAWA—Two House of Commons committee meetings dragged on for hours Thursday as Liberal MPs continued to filibuster opposition efforts to reopen their investigations into the WE Charity affair. The finance committee spent 11 hours debating amendments to a Conservative motion denouncing redactions to roughly 5,000 pages of documents released by the government in August—just as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prorogued Parliament, shutting down four separate committee investigations into the affair. The ethics committee met for 10 hours, discussing a Conservative motion calling on Speakers’ Spotlight, the agency that arranged speaking engagements for Trudeau’s wife, mother and brother at WE events, to hand over 12 years of receipts for the trio’s paid appearances. Both finished talking for the day without resolution, when Bloc Québécois MPs joined Liberals in voting to pause. WE Charity, which was to have been paid $43.5 million to manage a now-defunct federal student volunteering program, has already …Read More