Pandemic fuels need for digital ID, online access to government services

COVID-19 is changing the way Canadians use their identity documents and how they access services digitally.

According to a new survey from Interac Corp., 75% of Canadians say government services should be accessible online instead of in-person.

Approximately half say it’s more important now than pre-COVID to be able to access health and government services, such as renewing a driver’s license.

Canadians are increasingly using online services during the pandemic, and there are growing hygiene concerns around physical IDs.

“The pandemic has fueled a greater need for innovation as Canadians recognize that digital access is needed not only to make life more convenient but also to increase the speed by which Canadians can access government services in a crisis,” said Mark O’Connell, president of Interac Corp.

Nearly 60% of Canadians have been transacting in ways that reduce physical contact.

Fifty-eight percent say they worry about hygiene when handling physical IDs.

In addition to transactions, Canadians are accessing various services online at increasing rates, with 37% saying they accessed health services online more often than before COVID-19.

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