Edmonton police blame Liberal gun grab for rise in shootings


A large spike in gun violence in Edmonton can be partially blamed on the federal Liberals gun grab, say city police.

Edmonton Police Service Deputy Chief Kevin Brezinski told the city’s police commission a move by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to ban 1,500 types of firearms has meant an increase in illegal weapons on the streets.

“We have noticed that with some intelligence that we do have is that … when they went from restricted to prohibited, there is a proposed buyback program that has not been initiated by the federal government, so people are stuck with these firearms,” Brezinski said.

“And I think what we’re seeing is that some of these firearms are being sold to the criminal element and they are making a profit through these firearms. So certainly that’s a concern.”

There have been seven shooting recently in Edmonton since Nov. 7.

“On one hand you have an organized crime and gang shootings. On the other hand, there have been some random shootings as well,” Brezinski told reporters after the Thursday meeting.

Chief Dale McFee said there have been 127 shootings this year, and gun crime is up overall with 284 files involving guns or replica guns, up 14.5 per cent over last year.

Trudeau’s Liberal government announced in May they are banning 1,500 different makes and models of what he called “military-style” and “assault-style” guns in Canada.

The ban came into effect immediately and was ordered by the cabinet without any bill or debate in Parliament