If everyone here is serious about showing the current resident of 24 Sussex the exit door – post your comments, links, memes, tweets, etc here…!


Voice your concerns, your likes, and dislikes regarding the current state of affairs with Ottawa and the Liberal Party of Canada.


This is about the Liberals in Ottawa and our puppet Prime Minister… We want for you to share your videos, articles, papers, Facebook posts and anything else that is on your mind and you think is important for Canadians to know and feel about the current regime as we start this thread one full year out from the next Canadian Federal Election.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau poses with airport staff as they await Syrian refugees to arrive at the Toronto Pearson International Airport

We’ll let this post run it’s course until after the next federal election and possibly send all comments to das Fuhrer Butts. Comments for this thread will be kept OPEN for the next year and then some!

Justin Trudeau

If you know a “liberal” as a friend or in government, send them the link to this thread, so they can get the true mood of “We The People”… and respond in kind. Not a single post will be Moderated, edited, deleted, or censored.

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