Wednesday the 15th of February 2018 will be the TWO-YEAR anniversary of Canadian Free Press since launching as a Disqus Channel!

While we will be celebrating our Community at CFP in a way that only the CFP Community can, that day will also launch the official transition of CFP to our new home International Free Press (or IFP for short).

Beginning Wednesday, we will be hosting our daily discussion threads “The World Forum” and “The Sound” solely at IFP. Don’t worry, you’ll still be commenting using Disqus, which means you’ll still get Notifications, upvotes, etc etc etc. We will still have TWF and The Sound appearing in the CFP feed thanks to our Moderator Dogs of War, but these will only be open to commenting on IFP.  Not later than Thursday February 22, all CFP discussion threads will be opened at and open for commenting at IFP, and again will appear in the normal CFP feed in Disqus channels.

Until then, this discussion thread will serve as an open “Ask US Anything” thread here for 1 full week!

If you want to get up to speed on what we’ve been building, how we’ve been building IFP, and why, you can take a look at these threads …



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