‘I AM SUING CTV’: Patrick Brown launches lawsuit over sexual misconduct report

Patrick Brown has made good on a promise to launch a lawsuit against CTV over a bombshell sexual misconduct story he says is full of “lies.”

“I am suing CTV,” Brown said in a Facebook post Thursday morning. “My lawyers are talking to CTV.

“Early this week, CTV lawyers agreed to ensure that all emails, texts and other correspondence related to this travesty are held independently for safe keeping,” Brown said in the post.

“In the court of public opinion and among the many journalists I’ve spoken to, these allegations are now seen for what they are — fictitious and malicious,” he said.

CTV has previously said it stands by its story. It has not yet responded to Brown’s lawsuit.

Source: http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/patrick-brown-launches-lawsuit-over-sexual-misconduct-article